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  • Weind House, Park Hill Road, Garstang, Lancashire, PR3 1EL


We are an experienced team of dental specialists who work closely together utilizing our individual areas of expertise to enable the best possible treatment outcomes. We all share a great enthusiasm, passion and love for dentistry and are continually updating and improving our skills and knowledge. The foundation of the treatment we provide is built upon evidence based dentistry. This is the practice that integrates the best available scientific evidence with clinical experience and patient preference in clinical decisions.

The list on the right enables you to access information about the different treatments we provide.

Finlay and Steve provide specialist restorative dentistry and prosthodontics (replacing missing teeth). Restorative dentistry is a very wide discipline with many different types of treatments and techniques to master. Finlay and Steve have further developed their knowledge and skills and essentially "super-specialise" in certain areas of restorative dentistry. Often, in complex cases, both Finlay and Steve are involved in providing different types of treatment for the same patient in order to achieve the best possible outcome for each aspect of the treatment. In addition, they regularly use the specialist services of Rachel (orthodontics) and Syed (Periodontics) in managing their patients.

Finlay provides the removable prosthodontic treatment (dentures).

Steve provides the fixed prosthodontic treatment (veneers, crowns and bridges).

Rowan, dental technician, works together with Finlay producing the technical work for fabricating dentures. Please look at the Laboratory page to see how Rowan’s work enhances the service we are able to provide.

Rachel provides specialist orthodontic treatment (braces for teeth straightening).

Syed provides specialist periodontal (gum) treatment including regeneration and gum plastic surgery.